3D Master Thief

3D Master Thief 1.2

Become a master thief in this heist game

You are a human weapon of stealth, known only as 'Nebula' & employed by Corporations for the purposes of industrial espionage. In your secret underworld excursions, you use your code-breaking skills, special weapons & utensils to successfully complete each task and accomplish your mission. The game is FREE to try & then you can buy each unique Mission Pack!

The game uses photo-realistic imagery to provide advanced detailing. This wealth of visual stimuli includes moving smoke & steam clouds, rippling water, pools of liquid, rotating fans, & transparent windows showing the outside world.

The advanced components of MobileWizardry's 3D Deity Engine provide Master Thief with a host of special effects that adds atmosphere to each mission:

  • Different lighting levels are produced using a high speed Raycasting engine
  • A Physics engine provides realistic gravity effects
  • A Particle Effects engine provides dramatic explosion & fragmentation effects

The environment created is unparalleled on Palm devices today! In addition to these effects, the Artificial Intelligence runs extensive behavioural routines for each character which determine how they interact with Nebula. They can hear, see, detect motion, call for help & even avoid dying if the situation demands it.

High-tech, popular game for the Palm.

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3D Master Thief


3D Master Thief 1.2

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